Legacy Green Empowerment Program


The Institute for Community Collaboration launched the Legacy Green Empowerment Program with funding from Jobs for Low Income Individuals (JOLI), under the U.S. Department Health and Human Services, Administration for Families and Children, Office of Community Services.  The Program enrolled 32 low-income and unemployed individuals from Coconut Grove, Liberty City, Miami, and Opa Locka to learn horticulture under a Master Gardner and culinary arts under a Master Chef.  After 20 weeks of classroom training and on-the–job training, these residents were hired to work in the gardens that were developed during the training phase and the restaurants and healthy food cafes also developed through the JOLI Program. 

Produce from the gardens will be used in the restaurants and cafes.  Additionally, health care partners will provide workshops and activities for residents of these communities on how healthy food works in conjunction with nutrition and well being to address diseases and health issues prevalent in these communities.  

The Program held a May 10 grand opening on May 10, 2010 of the Commissary Kitchen, which was a training site and full service healthy foods restaurant in Liberty City.  For more information please contact Bob Cambric at bcambric@sfrpc.com.  

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