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Turkey Point Nuclear Facilities Site Expansion

Certification Hearings

Florida Statute 403.50665(4) allows a substantially affected party to file a petition for hearing on a local governmentís land use determination only as it applies to the Turkey Point Site and Associated Facilities.  The hearing provides an opportunity for substantially affected parties to give testimony on how the proposed project is inconsistent with a specific cityís or the countyís land use plan and zoning ordinances. If petitions for hearing are filed by September 25, 2009, the Administrative Law Judge would schedule a hearing on land use on October 2, 2009. 

Florida Statute 403.508(3)( c) allows non-listed agencies and public interest groups to file a notice of intent by September 14, 2009, to become a party to the proceeding.  The final certification hearings provide an opportunity for any person to present oral or written communication regarding the project, to the designated Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). Any communication presented will become official record.  If the Certification Schedule is not delayed, the hearing will be held from March 22, 2010 through April 20, 2010, according to 403.508(2)(a), F.S.

Upon conclusion of the certification hearings, the ALJ will make a recommendation based on the evidence presented at the Certification Hearing.  The recommendation will be forwarded to the Governor and his Cabinet for approval.

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