Frequently Asked Questions About DRIs

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1.   What are the thresholds or limits for DRI-sized projects? Ch. 28-24, F.A.C.


2.   How do I determine whether or not my proposed project is a DRI Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.)? Rule 9J-2.016 ,    


3.   Is there a DRI application fee? Rule 9J-2.0252 , F.A.C.


4.   How do I extend a build out date or make other changes to an existing DRI? Ch. 380.06(19), Fla. Stat..

5.   Is there a fee associated with a NOPC application? Rule 9J-2.0252, F.A.C.


6.   How do I determine if a project is built out? Ch. 380.06(15)(g), Fla. Stat.

7.   How do I abandon a DRI? Rule 9J-2.025C, F.A.C.


8.   What’s involved in a pre-application conference? Rule 9J-2.021, F.A.C.


9.   Is a biennial report required? Rule 9J-2.025(7, F.A.C.)


10.  What is the fee to review an Annual or Biennial Report? Rule 9J-2.0252(2), F.A.C.


11.  How big a change to my project makes it a Substantial Deviation? Ch. 380.06(19), Fla. Stat.


12.  How long does the DRI process take?


13.  Do I have to count existing development towards the DRI threshold? Rule9J-2.016, F.A.C.


14.  What changes were made in the 2006 legislative session?

15.  What changes were made in the 2007 legislative session?

16.  What changes were made in the 2008 legislative session?