DRI Review Fees


Type of Review

Review Fee

Applicable Fee Rule

Florida Administrative Code (FAC)

Preliminary Development Agreement (PDA)

No charge


Pre-Application Conference for  new DRI, FQD, or Substantial Deviation

$15,000 deposit ($5,000 non-refundable)

Rule 9J-2.0252(2), FAC

Application for Development Approval (ADA) for new DRI, FQD, or Substantial Deviation

Actual cost of staff review; $20,000 deposit required.

Rule 9J-2.0252(2)(a), FAC

Notice of Proposed Change (NOPC)

$2,500  - plus any additional fee necessary to cover actual staff costs

Rule 9J-2.0252(6), FAC

Annual or Biennial Report



Rule 9J-2.0252(6), FAC

Notification of 3 year extension of an Existing Development Order

No charge


Abandonment of DRI Development Order

No charge


Rescinding of DRI Development Order

No charge


Essentially Built Out Agreement

No charge


Binding Letter, Binding Letter of Vested Rights Determination ,or Clearance Letter submitted to DCA

No charge




Link to Rule 9J-2.0252 FAC - DRI Review Fee Rule  (PDF)



Duplication of DRI Records



Photocopies or scanned images of DRI documents (in PDF format)

15 cents/page for black and white letter size copies (Please contact SFRPC for color and other sizes.)

Copies of previously scanned documents (including Development Orders and Annual/Biennial Reports)

$5 per document

Copies of Audio recordings from DRI meetings


$10 per CD

Copies of Sufficiency Review Statements of Information Needed (SIN) (PDF format)

No charge (current project only)

Copies of Council Agenda Items  (PDF format)


No charge (current year only)