Frequently Asked Eastward Ho! Questions

What is Eastward Ho! Revitalizing South Florida's Urban Core?

Eastward Ho! is the term given to the initiative to revitalize the urban corridor of South Florida. It is believed that revitalization of this urban corridor will help accommodate future growth without further compromising or degrading the environment and the economic sustainability of the region.

Where are the Eastward Ho! Project boundaries?

The Eastward Ho! boundaries generally parallel Interstate 95 in a one-to-two-mile wide corridor that includes the area between the Florida East Coast (FEC) and Seaboard Coast (CSX) rail lines from the area south of Miami to north central Palm Beach County.

When did the Eastward Ho! project start?

The Governor's Commission for a Sustainable South Florida submitted its report and recommendations in October 1995. The Florida Department of Community Affairs (DCA) contracted with the South Florida Regional Planning Council (SFRPC) and the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council (TCRPC) to inventory the corridor, recommend boundaries and handle community education regarding the initiative.

The study for Phase One was completed in June, 1996 and submitted to the DCA. The Eastward Ho! Initiative hopes to spur economic development and redevelopment in the region's historic eastern urban core using public/private partnerships.

The Governor's office, cabinet agencies and key legislative leaders recognize the critical need to provide for sustainable growth in South Florida and the long term recovery of its natural systems and its declining urban core.

Who is responsible for making the Eastward Ho! Initiative a reality?

Individual leaders in business, local governments, tourism, manufacturing, agriculture, transportation and the banking sector are solidly in favor of government incentives for community redevelopment as may be recommended in the Phase One report for use in the Eastward Ho! Initiative.

How can I learn more about the Eastward Ho! Initiative?

Contact the South Florida Regional Planning Council by e-mail or call us at 954-985-4416 and in Dade and Palm Beach at 800-985-4416 and ask to be included in one of their Eastward Ho! newsletter mailings, or request a free AV presentation for your community-based group or agency.

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