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Census Information

  • Short Demographic Profiles from the 2000 Census
    Four-page summary profiles for each county and municipality in the region, including data on gender, age, race, ethnicity, household types and relationships, housing occupancy,  tenure, educational attainment, occupation, income, poverty, ancestry, housing values, rent, housing cost burden and commuting.
  • 2000 Census Socio-Economic Profiles
    A 58-page demographic profile that presents detailed tables drawn from Summary File 3 (the sample portion of the 2000 Census).  Each profile contains the following sections:  primary (11 pages); secondary (4 pages); ancestry (3 pages); disability (6 pages); education (2 pages); employment (3 pages); household and family structure (1 page); income (8 pages); language (3 pages); migration (3 pages); poverty (8 pages); transportation (2 pages); and housing (4 pages).  Profiles for the State of Florida and each county and municipality in the region are available now.

  • 2000 Resident Population by Race, Ethnicity & Voting Age
  • Municipal Population & Rates of Growth, 1970-2000
    Decennial population and rates of growth for the counties and municipalities of the region.
  • American Fact Finder
    The Census Bureau's primary access point for all detailed data from the 1990 and 2000 Censuses of Population and Housing, the American Community Survey, annual population estimates, and the 1997 Economic Census.
  • 1990 Census Undercount Estimates
    Official and adjusted counts of the resident population for South Florida counties and municipalities, by race and ethnic origin.
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