Regional Housing Strategy

The livability of the region and its quality of life is in part dependent upon the availability of a sufficient amount of housing that is affordable to all residents.  The issues relating to affordable housing have long been recognized in South Florida.  The goals and policies in Affordable Housing Element of the current Strategic Regional Policy Plan for South Florida (SRPP) are directed at ensuring the availability of adequate affordable housing for all income ranges within a reasonable commute distance from employment centers; increasing and improving affordable housing supply through revitalization of existing neighborhoods; and decreasing the cost and increasing the efficiency of providing affordable housing in the region.

As the supply of developable land rapidly diminishes, the addition of new housing stock will continue to decline. Many of the older communities in eastern Broward County are already beginning to experience the shift from large scale development to infill development as many of the younger western Broward communities draw closer to build out.  Miami-Dade County is struggling with pressures on its Urban Development Boundary and threats to its agricultural areas.  With its geographic restrictions and unique ecological concerns, potential for growth in Monroe County is limited.   The effects of the forces that are in play in this environment, such as rising land values, cultural diversity, a tourist economy and changing family demographics are clearly shown in the areas of affordable housing demand and school overcrowding.

The strategies needed to alleviate the affordable housing problem in South Florida will require a combined effort at the federal, state, regional and local levels. In order to achieve regional success it is imperative that we develop policies that not only focus on planning but policies that also emphasize performance.

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Affordable Housing Methodology for Municipalities, Counties and Regions in the State of Florida:  Coral Gables Housing Study

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