Revolving Loan Fund

Loan Facts

Loan Size

SFRPC-RLF offers loans between $50,000 and $300,000.


Interest Rates

Interest rate will be determined by perceived credit risk and will be no less than four (4) percentage points below the current prime rate.  The "Prime Rate" means the rate of interest published in the money rates section of the Wall Street Journal as the Prime Rate.


Repayment Terms

Repayments will generally be made monthly; however, customized payment structures will be extended to borrowers depending upon their individual cash flow needs.


Loan Terms

Generally loans will be based upon the borrower's needs, repayment ability and what the borrowers is financing.



Collateral pledged for each loan will depend upon the RLF loan amount, the overall credit risk and the personal and business assets pledged as collateral.  Personal guaranties by all parties with more than 20% ownership interest will be required.


For additional information, download our flyer (158KB) .


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