Dispute Resolution

The Council's Regional Dispute Resolution Process (RDRP) was adopted in response to the requirements of Chapter 186.509, Florida Statutes. The RDRP is designed to reconcile differences in planning, growth management, and other matters among local governments, regional agencies, and private interests. The RDRP endeavors to be a flexible process that will clearly identify and resolve problems as early as possible; utilize procedures in a low-to-high cost sequence, allow flexibility, provide for the appropriate involvement of affected parties, and provide as much process certainty as possible.


The South Florida Regional Planning Council uses a Geographic Information System (GIS) to produce display maps and assist the planning staff in their analytical work.  The Council offers a variety of Mapping Services including the creation of customized maps.  Examples of the Council's mapping capabilities are displayed in the South Florida Map Gallery

State Data Center

As an affiliate of the Florida State Data Center, the Council receives and distributes data from the U.S. Bureau of the Census and other sources. The Council library contains a comprehensive set of publications for the State of Florida, as well as an extensive collection of CD-ROMs containing detailed data. Staff can provide selected data on diskette.


The Visioning process involves a series of free-wheeling meetings among a broad cross-section of stakeholders.  Participants are encouraged to brainstorm ideas for group consideration without restrictions and inhibitions.  Discussions center on the long term direction stakeholders would like to see their city or organization take and the issues that may have a critical impact on their plan.  Visioning is the foundation for developing a realistic mission statement and a workable strategic plan.

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