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The South Florida Regional Planning Council uses a Geographic Information System (GIS) to produce display maps and
assist the planning staff in their analytical work.


Using the GIS, staff can select and query specific variables to study proposed scenarios.  The results can be printed for further study and inclusion in reports.  The Council offers a variety of Mapping Services including the creation of customized maps.  Examples of several project maps are displayed in the South Florida Map Gallery.


The Monroe County Marine Management Strategic Plan was developed to provide a comprehensive strategy for protecting and preserving the working waterfronts of Monroe County.  The Plan includes an extensive Map Atlas of marine facilities in the Florida Keys.


The GIS is used extensively in the production of maps for Eastward Ho!, the Brownfields Partnership, the Strategic Regional Policy Plan (SRPP) and other Council programs.


The Sea Level Rise Project will study the potential impacts of Sea Level Rise in South Florida 200 years in the future.


An exciting new addition is the Florida Keys Carrying Capacity Study, which includes a landuse model and map server.


As a U.S. Census Affiliate, the Council offers 2000 Census maps using the newly released data for the state of Florida.


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