Pursuant to Chapter 380, Part I, Florida Statutes (FS), Regional Planning Councils are charged with the coordination of multi-jurisdictional agency review of large-scale development projects, which may impact more than one county.  These projects, known as Developments of Regional Impact (DRIs), are typically complex and require input from numerous reviewing agencies.

Beginning in July 2009, Section 380.06(29), FS, exempts new developments in Broward and Miami-Dade Counties from participation in the DRI Program, as long as the developments are not within two miles of the boundary of the Everglades Protection Areas as described in Section 373.4592.  Existing DRIs and ones that were undergoing review in July 2009 may continue in the Program or elect to discontinue participation.

If you are interested in viewing our DRI files please call ahead and make an appointment at 954-985-4416, or sfadmin@sfrpc.com.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding the DRI process.

A listing of upcoming and recent meetings.

ADAs Online
Digital versions of Application for Development Approval (ADAs) for new DRI projects under review by the SFRPC.

NOPCs Online
Digital versions of Notification of a Proposed Change to a previously approved DRI.
DRI Guidebook
Download the DRI Guidebook applications and forms.
List of Review fees payable to SFRPC.


DRI Rules
Review applicable Florida Statutes (Ch. 380, Part I) and Florida Administrative Code (Ch. 9J-2 through 9J-3, and 9J-28; Ch. 28-9 through 28-11, and 28-24).


DRI Maps
DRI Map for South Florida Region -  4.5 mb PDF    This map identifies DRI projects by a unique number.  Please download the DRI database to obtain corresponding project name and current information for each DRI.  This map file may be plotted on 36" x 60" paper.

DRI Database
View information on historical and current projects.


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