Eastward Ho!

The origin of the Eastward Ho! Initiative.


The ultimate goal of Eastward Ho! is to create sustainable communities in Southeast Florida that use resources to meet current needs while ensuring that adequate resources are available for future generations.


Newsletters and other published documents, meeting announcements and grant opportunities


Eastward Ho!:  Revitalizing South Florida's Urban Core (July 1996)

Building on Success:  A Report from Eastward Ho!
               Executive Summary (224KB) Portable Document Format
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Eastward Ho! Development Futures:  Paths to More Efficient Growth in Southeast Florida
a study by Dr. Robert W. Burchell of the Center for Urban Policy Research at Rutgers University (2/99)
              Introduction (411KB) Portable Document Format
              Executive Summary (223KB) Portable Document Format


Examples of Eastward Ho! Initiative projects in Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties.


The Who, What, When, Where, Why and How of Eastward Ho!


It benefits everyone to keep Southeast Florida strong, safe, healthy and most important sustainable. Request copies of the Eastward Ho! Phase 1 Study Report and share the report and its concepts with others who care about the region's future. Participate in the public education and information events that are scheduled in future months. If you are responsible for preparing city council, county commission, advisory board, and conference agendas, request an Eastward Ho! presentation from a promoting agency such as the South Florida Regional Planning Council, the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council, the Governor's Commission for a Sustainable South Florida, the National Audubon Society, or the Florida Department of Community Affairs.

Get the word out! Tell your elected officials about Eastward Ho!
To obtain a hard copy of the Eastward Ho! report or if you have questions regarding the Eastward Ho! initiative, please contact Isabel Cosio Carballo. at (954) 985-4416 or Joan Barlow at the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council at (561) 221-4060.


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