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What is SIP?

Sheltering-In-Place is the use of a structure and its indoor atmosphere to temporarily separate individuals from a hazardous outdoor atmosphere.


In simpler terms, SIP means in case of emergency going into a building that can be sealed to prevent outside air from getting inside.


Five Easy Steps
  • Go inside immediately and close all windows and doors 

  • Switch off all ventilation systems 

  • Switch on a radio or TV for emergency information 

  • Go into a room with no windows and seal the door 

  • Continue listening to radio or TV for further instructions

Basic Supplies
  • Battery-operated radio with extra batteries

  • Duct tape and scissors

  • Plastic sheeting (if safe room has windows)

  • Drinking water in plastic bottles

  • Working flashlight with extra batteries

  • Cordless phone and cell phone if available

  • Snacks

  • Reading materials/games if kids are present

Resources and Reading Materials

Shelter-In-Place Brochure (LEPC11 - 140KB PDF)

Shelter-In-Place Slide Show (LEPC11 - 4MB PPS)

Make Haste SIP Brochure (LEPC6 - 250KB PDF)

Make Haste SIP Slide Show (LEPC6 - 4.4MB PPS)

A Practical Guide to a Chemical Emergency
  (National Disaster Education Coalition - 80KB PDF)

Shelter-In-Place Flyer with Spanish translation below (LEPC7 - 60KB PDF)

HazMat Contingency Planning for Miami-Dade Schools (LEPC11 - 1.8MB PDF)

A Guide to Contingency Planning for Schools (LEPC11 - 90KB PDF)

Red Cross Shelter-In-Place with Spanish translation below (90KB PDF)


Model Town

Additional low resolution photos:

  Town1 and Town2

  Railroad/Truck Accident

  VaporCloud1 and VaporCloud2




Model Town (HO Scale) suitable for use in Shelter-In-Place and other HazMat presentations.  The photos above show an experiment using dry ice to simulate a hazmat accident.  The resulting vapor cloud penetrates one of the houses which was not prepared for sheltering in place.

Can you guess which one it is?


The model can be borrowed for use in presentations, please contact LEPC Coordinator Manny Cela (celam@sfrpc.com) for more details.



Center for Disease Control on SIP - Facts about Sheltering-In-Place

Dept of Labor:  OSHA on SIP - Guide for handling workplace emergencies

Ready America SIP Diagram - Simple How-To Instructions


For Kids

Be Ready Coloring Book (American Red Cross - 528KB PDF)

Disaster Preparedness Coloring Book (American Red Cross - 1.7MB PDF)

U.S. Govt READY KIDS Home Page - Be prepared in every situation

En Español

Protéjase en su lugar (LEPC7 - 60KB PDF)

Resguardo en el lugar donde se encuentre en caso de emergencia
  (Cruz Roja Americana - 90KB PDF)

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