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Regional Hurricane Evacuation Model Traffic Study

In 2006, the Florida Department of Community Affairs (FDCA) funded the South Florida Regional Planning Council (SFRPC) to carry out an update of the regional hurricane evacuation traffic study component of the South Florida Regional Hurricane Evacuation Study (HES).  FDCA and the SFRPC worked jointly with local planning and emergency management officials to develop a project that was a timely and telling response to two of South Florida's most pressing hurricane evacuation traffic modeling needs:  1) to create and make available a regional user model that fully integrates Monroe County, Miami-Dade County and Broward County, and 2) to enhance the current understanding of and ability to model hurricane evacuation dynamics specific to the South Florida region.


The draft document below reports on the findings of the study and will be finalized in early October.  If you have questions or if you are interested in obtaining a copy of the spreadsheet model, please contact Richard Ogburn (


Technical Support Document (September 2006)


Maps (all 11"x17" in PDF format)


Map 01:  Broward County Master Map (1.2MB)

Map 02:  Miami-Dade County Master Map (1.9MB)

Map 03:  Monroe County Master Map (800KB)

Map 04:  Broward County Model Geography (900KB)

Map 05:  Miami-Dade County Model Geography (2.3MB)

Map 06:  Monroe County Model Geography (18.2MB)

Map 07:  Traffic - Evacuation Scenario 1A (400KB)

Map 08:  Traffic - Evacuation Scenario 1A South Miami-Dade Inset (1.9MB)

Map 09:  Traffic - Evacuation Scenario 1B (5.6MB)

Map 10:  Traffic - Evacuation Scenario 1B South Miami-Dade Inset (1.4MB)

Map 11:  Traffic - Evacuation Scenario 2A (3.4MB)

Map 12:  Traffic - Evacuation Scenario 2A South Miami-Dade Inset (1.4MB)

Map 13:  Traffic - Evacuation Scenario 2B (3.4 MB)

Map 14:  Traffic - Evacuation Scenario 2B South Miami-Dade Inset (155KB)

Map 15:  Traffic - Evacuation Scenario 3A (415KB)

Map 16:  Traffic - Evacuation Scenario 3A South Miami-Dade Inset (155KB)

Map 17:  Traffic - Evacuation Scenario 3B (415KB)

Map 18:  Traffic - Evacuation Scenario 3B South Miami-Dade Inset (155KB)


Appendix 3 - Evacuation Traffic Graphs (all 11"x17" in PDF format)


Hurricane Wilma (October 2005) - Evacuation Traffic Pattern Graphs

  Monroe County

  Miami-Dade County

  Broward County

Hurricane Rita (September 2005) - Evacuation Traffic Pattern Graphs

  Monroe County

  Miami-Dade County

  Broward County

Monroe County Hurricanes (2004-2005) - Evacuation Traffic Pattern Graphs






Appendix 6 Baseline Scenario Results (all in 11 x 17 format)

Critical Links Map........ App6 Critical Links.pdf


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